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Will purr for food...

Risa + Fireworks Moment +
Not me! The sheltered cats of PAWS, you perv! XD

Many people donate dog food to the shelter, not knowing the cats are in need more. Please help the kittens and cats! Donate dry kitten/cat food, please!

I'm the cats will be grateful even with just a bag of cat food. :)


Risa + Fireworks Moment +
Blog link:

Please visit my plushie site: Garu Plushies!



Please donate your old newspapers to PAWS!

Do you have stacks of old newspapers you want to get rid of?

If yes, instead of throwing them out, please do donate them to PAWS' Animal Rehabilitation Center located in Aurora Blvd, Katipunan Valley, Loyola Heights, Q.C.

Your old newspapers will be used for the cages of our sheltered cats. The shelter caretakers change the newspapers twice/thrice daily but unfortunately, the shelter is running out of old newspapers. Below are the areas where your newspapers will be used.

Taken from the PAWS Website:

Feline Quarantine

Newly admitted cats and kittens are kept in this area for observation until they are cleared for admission to the kittenery, or for spay/neuter surgery before moving to the cattery . They usually stay here for about two weeks, dewormed and given supplements in preparation to shelter life. If a cat or kitten is diagnosed with an infectious disease, an immediate transfer to the Feline Sick Bay is made.

Cattery & Kittenery

All cats who passed the quarantine period and already spayed/neutered and vaccinated against rabies are kept in this area. A special feature of this cattery & kittenery is the "catwalk", a small connecting bridge between the indoor and the outdoor cattery, where felines can relax, feel the air and enjoy the sun. It is also in the outdoor cattery where visitors and potential adopters can experience "cat heaven" while interacting with our friendly felines.

Feline Sick Bay

A strictly off-limits area designated for cats and kittens diagnosed with highly infectious diseases, after observation and evaluation by the shelter veterinarian. Such cats are to stay in the sick bay until cleared to be spayed, neutered, or released into the cattery after extensive treatment. Volunteers are restricted from this section to prevent spreading diseases unless given permission.

The cats are also in need of cat food (canned or dry) so if you have a soft spot for cats and are generous enough, please please donate in kind to the shelter.

Since I'm at it, these are the cats who are waiting to be adopted:

Daisy, our three-legged cat is still at PARC, waiting to be adopted. She is joined by three other cats in need of special care.
1. Snowy - a completely blind cat brought in by a student from Ateneo
2. Dolores- a tri-colored cat who was hacked by a knife or bolo and was found in UP.
3. Matthew - who was brought into our shelter with an infected eye and broken jaw. He can only eat soft /wet cat food.


Matthew 's BEFORE photo was a much more unpleasant sight than this one. In this photo, his infected eye has already been taken out and his jaw (which was broken in two places) has already been somewhat repaired by PAWS vets.

I really can't adopt cats (my parents don't like them x_x ) nor can I frequently go to the shelter due to work, so this is the least thing I can do as a volunteer. If you want to donate old newspapers but don't want to go all the way to Katipunan just for that, you can contact me so I can pick them up (depending on how far away your home is, that is). Although I do hope you'd visit the shelter as well, so that at least the cats and dogs would have people to play with from time to time.

Interested people can leave a comment here and I'll send you my contact information, if you don't have it yet. :)


My Wishlist

This is the first time I'm doing this, and after seeing Ate Hazel's list, I couldn't help but make one myself.

  1. A Premium account here in Multiply. A one-month subscription would do. If you've read my Ondoy entry in Livejournal, you'd know that I lost my external HD. That means MB upon MB of Japan photos and videos lost. Now when I checked the photos I've uploaded here, they've been reduced to pixelated crap and Multiply tells me that I have to have a Premium account in order to retrieve my high-res photos, which if I remember correctly, wasn't there when I first uploaded the photos in the first place. Anyway, I've been told that the data in my external HD can't be retrieved anymore, so I'd like the temporary Premium account to download everything.
  2. Sewing materials (too! :P), but for my plushie-making business. Nothing useful was left: needles, scissors, plies, keychains, DMC threads. I don't even know if I can still use all those felt cloth I have in stock. ;A;
  3. Plushie making books. Those Nihongo ones I've seen being sold in Divisoria. Last time a bought one it was worth Php180. I also bought around three in Osaka when Viet Thi and I were there but they swam in mud so they're useless and gross.
  4. A new Discman. What do I need a Discman for? My JLPT review. I used to listen to CDs included in the Nihongo books I bought in Japan to review for Level 2 using my sky blue Discman, but now it's all useless because of the flood. :(
  5. A portable external HD. I want a 320GB red Western Digital HD that's worth Php5k+. I wanted to buy a blue one before, but my revived obsession with Gaara made me want a red one. /dork

These are the valuable things that I lost to the typhoon. Asking for stuff that I already have would be too much. I really really just want to turn things back to normal again. :(

During the flood, I thought that everything that proved I have been to Japan was being taken away from me. The original photos, souvenirs, pamphlets, admission tickets, letters I received... everything. I couldn't even get my passport. At some point during the flood, I was hoping that I'd be happy even with just my Japan Visa saved. Good thing our bed foams floated somehow (yay URATEX), and by some miracle, my JLPT certificates, completion certificate from Todai and passport came out a little bit wet, yes, but still intact. All those things lost told me one thing: Gladys, you are sooo going back to Japan.

Oh and if anyone has pre-school stuff (like poster of Panatang Makabayan, etc.) that are still usable but you don't need them anymore so you're thinking of throwing them out, please don't. My mom needs stuff to redecorate the classroom so if you don't need them, we'd be happy to take them off your hands. m(_ _)m

I'm back. :)

Risa + Fireworks Moment +
Rather, I will be back.

For everyone's information, I resigned from my current job. Yes, having a job in a resort right after graduation might sound like the best job, but I've come to realize that despite "having the time of my life" working in a beach resort, I'm missing out on a lot of things I used to enjoy back home.

But of course, that's not what I wrote in my resignation letter. I told them (and this is true, btw) that I'm going to take review classes offered by the UP Linguistics Dept.for this year's JLPT. I'm planning on taking Level 1. This year will be the last year the test's going to be on the old format, and next year, they're implementing the 5-level JLPT, so N1 (or the old Level 1) going to be a lot harder. Or so I was told. That's for me to find out, when I take the test this December.

Anyway, if the Ling Dept did not offer review classes, I wouldn't have dreamed of taking Level 1. But with a review class as cheap as Php3k (more or less) as compared to Alpha's 20k, I was convinced that I was given the chance to challenge the most difficult level of the JLPT. So I quit my job in El Nido. Temporarily, at least.

My immediate supervisor told me that they liked my performance during the past four months and that if I do reapply again, they would prioritize me, even if they have already found another Japanese Interpreter as my replacement. I also feel that the time I spent with my workmates have been really short, and I'd want to work with them again.

So there. I'll just finish my remaining 17 days working at the resort and I'll be back in Manila again. Jobless? Maybe. But I already have a job interview tomorrow so I won't be. I hope. >_<

Long day

Drove from Cainta to Trinoma to have lunch with Terry who came from work.

Drove along EDSA to Makati for my interview at El Nido Resorts.

Makati is full of one-way roads. Hate it.

After a failed attempt at trying to park at an area near BA Lepanto Bldg, resorted to parking in Pacific Star's basement parking.

Walked for ten minutes to Lepanto Bldg. Arrived 15 minutes late for my interview.

Waited for 45 minutes before Ms. Ritz approached me.

Interview turned out to be with the HR Manager, not the Resort Managers.

Was asked by Ms. Ritz of HR Dept. if I'm available this Saturday. Said yes.

Will be flying to Lagen Island in El Nido, Palawan on Saturday at 7:30 AM via chartered plane for ocular inspection and interviews with Resort Managers, Supervisors and Dept. Heads.

Will be staying there overnight, in one of the guestrooms.

Was super hungry after the interview. Went to Little Tokyo for some takoyaki.

Left Little Tokyo at around 7 PM. Traffic in EDSA was bad.

Right leg hurt from the brake-accelerator switching.

Decided to stay at Terry's house for the night. Didn't want to do night driving alone.

Arrived at quarter to 9 in Novaliches.

Tired. Going to sleep after publishing this post.

Good night everyone. (-.- )zzzzz



Hello everyone. お久しぶりです。

As I have blogged previously, I passed my thesis defense and two weeks ago, I passed three hard-bound copies of my thesis to the Department of English and Comparative Literature.

That's why it is surprising to see that Dr. Bumatay-Cruz still hasn't uploaded our grades yet. Grades I've seen so far are from Dr. Castro (1.75 in Eng 197 [Language Acquisition] YAY!) and Ma'am Salanga (I got a 1.25 for PI 100 [Jose Rizal: His Life and Works] YAY!). I'm still waiting for Eng 106 (Linguistic Theories and Language Awareness) , and [ dun dun dun ] Eng 200 (Undergraduate Thesis). When the CAL Records section checked my GWA last November, I am running for Cum Laude, and until all grades are out, I won't know for sure. I am hopeful, though. :)

College Recognition Rites is on the 25th, and the UP's Commencement Exercises is on the 26th. I'm looking forward to these because UP's graduation attire is really unique, and graduates don't don togas nor shift the yellow thing that hangs from the grad cap from right to left (or is that left to right?). Graduates wear the Sablay and I have been excited for this ever since I knew I passed my thesis defense.:D Terry and I are going to look for dresses I'll be wearing on each day on Sunday.

As a graduation gift, the pokute bought me a second-hand Pajero Jr., which is IMO late because I should've had back when I was walking back and forth Palma Hall and UP Shopping Center to print chapters of my thesis. ^^; Anyway, it's automatic, so good for me, a female driver.

My uncle in Los Banos is also giving me a grad gift, and we're swimming in a private pool late April or early May, I guess. Swimming, yay~

After graduation, one has to have a job, of course. Last month, I was referred by a Nihongo school I initially applied in to El Nido Resorts, and I've had two interviews already. Tomorrow, I will finally be interviewed by one of the Resort Managers, and after that interview I will know if they will hire me or not. I'm applying as a Japanese Interpreter, though the job description gave me the impression that my job will involve more fun than work. The official job position is called "Guest Activity Coordinator," and my responsibilities (if ever I do get hired) include  accompanying Japanese guests, touring them around the resort, and joining them in their activities (island hopping, scuba diving, snorkeling, kayaking, etc.). Not only that, lodging will be provided by the company and as for food, you can eat with the guests (that means buffet breakfast, lunch, and dinner). I can also fly back to Manila every month, and the plane fare will be paid by the company. It's really a great deal, and I'm hoping I will get accepted.

That'll be my update for now. Right now, I'm just being optimistic and hoping I can graduate with honors and I can get the job. :)


Congratulations to all 2009 Graduates! ^_^

Time flies so fast

I checked my archive, and turns out, in three days' time, my blog's turning five.@_@;

Five years of blogging. Wow.@_@; Never thought my LJ's that old? young? Haha.

Cheers to chibi_boom. :D



I still have to do some minor revisions, as suggested by Sir Capili and Ma'am Teodosio, but still I'm almost done!!!

I still have to do the following:

  1. AVP (Eng 197)
  2. Second exam (Eng 197)
  3. Reporting/AVP (English 106)
  4. Term paper (English 106)
and then I am done!!! :D :D :D

Last week of classes!

Life Sucks
Today is Friday (the 13th, but I don't care) and next week is the last week of classes (for me)!!!

Even so, I'm dreading Tuesday (for all non-UP students, classes start on Tuesdays in UP. They've made Monday the rest day so that they don't have to suspend classes when Gloria announces a three-day weekend. Geh, smart people. =_=

Anyway, why am I dreading Tuesday? On this day, at 4PM, at the newly renovated Arcellana Reading Room, I shall be defending my undergraduate thesis. NO! I'M NOT INVITING ANYONE TO WATCH! >_< Demmit!!!

Anyway, after thesis defense, I still have to edit our AV presentation for Dr. Castro's class, and there's also the AV presentation for Dr. Bumatay-Cruz' class, but I don't have to edit anything there, thank goodness. It's also a good thing she moved our term paper's deadline ton the 25th, or else I'm really going to die next week.

Let's not forget there's still the second exam in Dr. Castro's class. T_T

Argh!!! I need to finish my Powerpoint Presentation during the weekend! (>o<)/

To make me busier, Niimi-sensei of Japan Foundation Manila texted me this afternoon and told me to do my teaching demo again on Monday in front of the whole class! ;A; Nuuuu~ I'm gonna be butchered by the veteran senseis! TT_____TT I have to rehearse maybe three times for this one. The first demo was last Monday, and it went well, so now they want me to do it all over again. There goes my sigh of relief... :(

Boomboom FAITO!!! This will hopefully be the last week of classes of my college life. Please, let it be. o(>_<)o


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